15 Oct

Beloved Readers,

It is with great pleasure that I deliver this news to you today.  As of now, Thursday 15th October 2009, Oi! You Blog Head is expanding.  Although this is a relatively young blog (all of 24 hours old) you may think it is strange to be expanding so soon.

There you would be wrong, for this expansion comes in the form of Eric SSewagudde (Ed to his peers).  Oi! You Blog Head is now a joint blog from Ed and myself.  We will sometimes post seperately, sometimes together… whatever happens will be right here for all to see, we may even put pictures in, or even videos if either of us can figure out how.

We have decided to unite in this, some might say, super-blog because it literally cannot go wrong.  We will encourage eachother to keep updating the blog: all so you, dear reader, can follow us on our path to glory.

So if you know how to subscribe to this (I’m not too sure myself) and you haven’t done so already there are now twice as many reasons for you to do it.  Ed’s first post will be coming very soon, hopefully it will have a bit of a beefy feel to it. I certainly cannot wait.

Goodbye Dear Reader, and thanks for reading it all and not pissing off half way through!

*By the way… up to 25 followers on the old Twitter now, at least 4 of which seem to be real people that I don’t have a clue who they are! Nutters.


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