Facebook the Unnecessary

13 Nov

I’m going to start this post with a bit of an apology.  The blogging has not been as regular as we here at Oi! You Blog Head would like it in the last few weeks.  We are both very busy men: Ed is often up to his nuts in guts and I regularly chew that never-ending flavour gum which gets me every time, really how does it work?!  But we are trying our best to keep you entertained in the way only Oi! You Blog Head know how as regularly and as often as we possibly can.

Anywho… Facebook.  We are all aware of it, I’m quite sure you are signed in right now.  It really can be a great tool.  Some of its features really are such a great help to everyday life.  I love the way it tells you when people’s birthdays are coming up.  I love the way you can organise events- from small ones such as an organised Bukake to massive ones like Christmas (yes, I’m not ashamed to admit it that last year on Facebook I was apparently ‘attending Christmas’).  It is great for keeping in touch with people.  Our regular readers will by now have a good idea of what love is (See What is Love? Parts 1 & 2, if you’ve not read these already you should be well prepared for a life of loneliness), Facebook is a tool one can use to help that love blossom- you can really get to know someone.

As the title of this post suggests however, I am not here to sing its praises.  As handy and useful as some of Facebook’s features can be- they are also very annoying.  For example, it is a great way to keep in touch with people.  This also means it is a great way for people you don’t like to keep in touch with you.  I have a considerable number of Facebook ‘friends,’ only a small percentage of whom are people I actually talk to.  If I’m honest I don’t care if a girl I met at a swingers party in June 2008 hasn’t yet done the washing up, or if her cat shat in the fridge.  I also don’t care if a lad I never spoke to at school but for some reason is a Facebook ‘friend’ of mine became a fan of Leprechauns at the ends of rainbows.  How is any of this information helping me? It isn’t.

While I’m on this little subject, there really are some ridiculous ‘become a fan of…’ groups out there now.  Admittedly I am again a little bit guilty of getting over-excited and joining some of these groups at one point.   But then I grew up.  “Gary Madeupname became a fan of sex.” Superb.  Was he not a fan before joining this group? What exactly was one expecting to gain by joining a group of this sort? I’m sure a potential life partner would be browsing his profile and upon making the great discovery that our made up man is a sex fan they would go on to proclaim their love!  Before seeing that they may have been worried that one prefers less intimate activities such as ironing or egg-painting.  Potential employers can apparently check your Facebook during the interview process to get a better picture of you.  I can imagine the recruitment officer stumbling across the beautiful statement that is ‘is a fan of sex’ and getting on the phone straight away to offer a job!  “You are a fan of sex?! Why didn’t you write that in your CV, by Jove I think we can slot you straight in to our shagging department downstairs.”

There is sooo much else I could go on about.  But it is late, and I’m a bit tired.  Apologies if this post seems a little incomplete, but I may come back to this subject matter in the future.  Stalking, shit Facebook chat, terrible photos. There are so many stones I have left unturned.

For the moment however I am preferring Twitter to Facebook.  I am in-fact quite the active user. Follow me at http://twitter.com/AdamThompson1 and Ed at http://twitter.com/smiplesoldier.  I encourage you to sign up if you haven’t already, it’s strangely addictive.

That’s all from me today folks.  Until next time.


**By the way… all the little example scenarios I just wrote about aren’t actually real.  Don’t be a dick.


One Response to “Facebook the Unnecessary”

  1. Jamie Watson November 13, 2009 at 12:19 pm #

    “You are a fan of sex?! Why didn’t you write that in your CV, by Jove I think we can slot you straight in to our shagging department downstairs.”

    Never have few words said so much to so many. I have never agreed with you more Adam than reading this blog!

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